Best Tarpon Lures For Sale | Best Tarpon Bait | Tarpon Fishing Lures

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Best Tarpon Lures For Sale | Best Tarpon Bait | Tarpon Fishing Lures

Best Tarpon Lures For Sale | Best Tarpon Bait | Tarpon Fishing Lures

Best Tarpon Bait | Best Bait for Tarpon

Best Tarpon Lures For Sale

This particular list of tarpon lures is in no particular order because each lures serves a different purpose and is what we consider the best for that type of lure.

Hogy Lures For Tarpon Fishing

Hogy lures are designed to imitate large wounded baitfish in the water and can be fished as a jig, swimbait or even as a topwater lure.

Mirrolure Marodine for Tarpon Fishing

The Mirrolure Marodine is a twitch lure that drives tarpon crazy.

DOA Lures For Tarpon Fishing

DOA Lures are terrific tarpon lures because of the life like action these lures offer. The DOA Shrimp is the best shrimp imitation lure on the market and easily fools shy tarpon. The DOA BaitBuster and DOA Terroreyz offer

Yo Zuri Sashimi Bull Best Topwater Lures For Tarpon

The Yo Zuri Sashimi offers a huge profile and gives off a great pop to help tarpon hone in this best tarpon lure. We rated the Yo Zuri Sashimi as the a great lure for tarpon because of the those reasons and because Yo Zuri puts extremely high quality hooks onto this lure so you don’t need to switch them out like most lures before tarpon fishing.

Best Swimbaits For Tarpon

Best Tarpon Lures For Sale

If you want to catch the biggest tarpon then the absolute best bait for tarpon is live bait. If you have the ability to get live bait, USE LIVE BAIT. The use of live bait for tarpon fishing is be far the most effective technique for catching true trophy sized tarpon. The below selection is our suggest tackle for tarpon fishing with live bait. You do not need to use anything larger than a 1/0 hook, 2/0 at the largest.

Tarpon FIshing Florida, How To Catch Tarpon Florida

Tarpon fishing is most exciting fishing that can be done near shore. Fishing for tarpon in Florida has the potential to change your life as you bow to the king every time it launches out of the water. It sounds simple but the only thing that separates you from the tarpon professionals and being the key to catching a tarpon, or any fish for that matter, of a lifetime is selecting the right bait at exactly the right time. That is truly what separates the guys that catch fish and those that don’t, when you see and know the fish are there, can you get them to bite the bait with YOUR hook on it? We are going to give you our top selection of artificial tarpon lures. Because you can’t always have the right size, color live bait on board but you can always have these ready to throw when you see the tarpon of a lifetime.

Best Tarpon Lures | 10″ Hogy Original

14″ Hogy Original

Hogy sales videos are great to watch because they are full of big fish. Whether your fishing for tarpon in Florida or fishing for Striper in Maryland or Cape Cod, Hogy’s seem to produce great fish. Hogy’s are extremely realistic as you pull and twitch them through the water. They can be used as either a top water lure for tarpon or as an injured bait fish. We suggest buying a wide variety of colors and both sizes
Good all around colors are the standard black as well as white. It would be a good idea though to

We suggest keeping a stash of bone, followed by bubble gum and black Hogy’s in low light or in off-colored waters

Best Tarpon Fish Lure Badonk-A-Donk High Pitch

Choosing the right color Badonk-A-Donk High Pitch depends on the sky conditions, first choices are silver mullet or speckled trout. If the sky is bright and the water’s flat, use a color with a bone or orange colored throat.

When to throw a Badonk A Donk High Pitch for Tarpon?

When the water’s surface is lightly choppy or flat calm, though such conditions are not absolutely necessary. Look for signs of tarpon rolling at the surface or feeding on mullet or ladyfish.

How To Use a Badok A Donk High Pitch For Tarpon Fishing

Spot the tarpon and get ahead of the pod quietly. Work the bait down current of the fish, just as Mother Nature would help carry bait. Bait fish do not swim against current, toward a school of hungry tarpon. Use the following method of lure retrieval, twitch-twitch-pause — twitch- twitch – boom

Live Bait Fishing For Tarpon

What are the best live baits for Tarpon?

When fishing for Tarpon with live bait use crabs, shrimp, pinfish and mullet. The basic live bait technique is to anchor a boat and free line a lively bait down current to areas that are known to hold tarpon. Sometimes the bait is weighted to get it near the bottom.

What size hook is best for tarpon fishing?

Tarpon have very hard mouths so in order to ensure a proper hook set you need to make sure all hooks are properly sharpened and repetitively new, know when to retire a lucky hook. Tarpon fishing hooks will vary with the size of the bait and hook brand. A 6/0 live bait hook to an 11/0 circle hook works best. It’s important to rig the live baits in the most natural way possible.

What size fishing leader should I use when tarpon fishing?

For tarpon fishing leaders should be about 6 to 12 feet of heavy monofilament or fluorocarbon line from 60 to 125 LB test.

How Do I Hook Live Bait for Tarpon Fishing?

For Tarpon fishing with live bait you should hook a crab in the corner of the shell, pinfish and mullet are hooked through the mouth either vertically or horizontally. When you are fishing with shrimp a good trick is to head or tail hook the shrimp on a hook up jig so it won’t spin in the current.

How to Fish for Tarpon while bridge fishing?

When fishing around bridges or piers 20 LB spinning gear or 30 LB conventional gear is required. For bridge or pier Tarpon fishing try 6 to 10 feet of 100 to 125 LB leader tied to a heavy barrel swivel or directly to a doubled 20 or 30 LB main line.

What tackle for open water tarpon fishing?

For open water tarpon fishing and smaller tarpon you could drop down to 12 or 15 LB light tackle depending on the size of the Tarpon in the area. A medium to heavy 7 foot rod is a good choice depending again on the size of Tarpon in the area.

Light Tackle Tarpon Fishing

A light leader set up for Tarpon fishing would be 3 feet of 60 LB fluorocarbon leader tied to 10 feet of 40 LB leader attached to 15 or 20 LB doubled main line.

How to set fishing reel drag for tarpon fishing

If you are tarpon fishing with 20 pound test line set the drag at 4 to 5 pounds. A good way to be sure of the drag setting is to use a hand held scale to double check your setting. Because the size of Tarpon varies greatly by area pick your line test accordingly. Tarpon are strong fighters and having your drag set accordingly is important. Just remember with Tarpon you need to tire the fish, you cant strong arm a Tarpon to the boat or you will break your line.

What are different fishing set ups for tarpon fishing

8-foot, ­medium to ­fast action ­spinning rod with a reel that handles 30 pound braid. Tie a Bimini twist into the braid, and then uses a ninja or double slim knot to attach 2 foot section of 60 pound fluorocarbon. Sometimes incorporate a section of furled nylon to add stretch. Rig a Hogy to a weightless, 10/0 swimbait hook. Leader-to-hook connection is a Homer Rhode loop

Best Tarpon Lures For Sale | Best Tarpon Bait | Tarpon Fishing Lures


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