Best Flies For Sale | Freshwater Flies

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Best Flies For Sale | Freshwater Flies

Best Flies For Sale | Freshwater Flies

Below you can select the species of fish you plan on fishing for in order to find more specific flies for sale. The flies below are the best and most versatile flies that every fly fisherman should have access to when ever venturing out.

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How to Pick The Right Fly

The first thing to consider when selecting a fly to tie on to the end of your tippet is the size. When choosing flies, the relative importance of fly characteristics in your selection, in order, should be: size, shape, color, and action. When saltwater fly fishing, action is often considered more important than exact size and shape.

Wet vs. Dry – A fly’s construction determines whether it will float above the surface, dry flies, ride partially or completely submerged, emergers, or sink, known as nymphs and streamers. Fish expect their food sources to be in a particular part of the water column at a particular time in the year and day, and knowing where that is and selecting the right fly will determine how successful your fishing trip is.

Fly Color – Don’t know where to start with your fly selection? Think first of seasonal color patterns. Early spring, late fall, and winter flies tend to be darker, matching the colors of their environment. Lighter flies typically appear in warmer weather.

Imitation vs. Flattery – Flies can be either impressionistic or exact imitations, and their effectiveness often depends on how selective the fish have become due to food availability, weather conditions, fishing pressure and presentation.

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Best Flies For Sale | Freshwater Flies


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