Best Bass Fishing Lures 2013

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Best Bass Fishing Lures 2013

Best Bass Fishing Lures

I am going to take you through the best bass fishing lures that you can use to land monster bass. This best bass fishing lures list features lures from the past as well as the 2013 Icast Lure Of The Year Winner.

Best Bass Fishing Lures

#5 Black Jitter Bug

One of the best bass fishing lures of all times also catches some of the biggest bass. You want to own this bass fishing lure in every size, I prefer the 4.5″ model of the jitter bug and you want to throw this thing when it is pitch black outside. You do not need to see it and you don’t need to know how the fish sees it…all you need to know is that this lure produces monsters

Best Bass Fishing Lures | #4 Zoom Magnum Ol’ Monster

This 12″ soft plastic worm is you what you need when seeking to find the biggest and as the name of the lure says monster bass. The right color to choose is based on the clarity of the water you will be using it on. The clearer the water the more natural colors you’ll want the worm to be (watermelon, pumpkin, black) where as if you are fishing in murky water you want to make sure you use some brighter colors or have some spike it on board (that will give any soft plastic its own florescent coloring).

Best Bass Fishing Lures

#3 KVD 1.5 Chartreuse Black Back

I almost didn’t put this on here but this lure brought Kevin VanDam the 2011 Bassmasster Classic so not to include it I think would be dumb. The other simple fact is, it catches a lot fish. This is not the lure I would throw when hunting for a monster but if I need a fish to cull, I will throw this in a heart beat because it continually produces.

Best Bass Fishing Lures

#2 Koppers Live Target Baitball

The winner of the Icast 2013 best new lure had to make it on the list. The baitball is designed to look like a group of minnows that is scurrying away from its predator. This lure is not available however, until December 2013. I can not wait to get to try it because in tests it made even monster bass with lock jaw bite.

Best Bass Fishing Lures

#1 Mann’s Alabama Rig

I think that this is what inspired the baitball to be created, was seeing how well the Alabama rig (also called the umbrella rig) landed monster bass. The Alabama Rig, is a super versatile fishing apparatus that features up to 5 swimbaits (check your local laws) to be rigged to catch multiple monster bass.

Best Bass Fishing Lures 2011

Best Bass Fishing Lures 2013

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