Preparing the Family to Jet Ski for the First Time

If you and your family are preparing to jet ski for the first time, no doubt you are all excited! But it is important to go prepared in order to stay safe and have a wonderful time. Make sure you choose the right location to enjoy your first ride out, like Miami Beach or Key West! In this article, we will share some tips for those who will jet ski for the very first time.

  • Find the Right Company to Rent Jet Skis From

When planning out a day at sea, make sure you find a reliable company insured and trusted with good reviews from past customers. A company like RnR Yacht Rentals in Miami is a good example of a rental company offering jet skis as well as yacht charters. You can choose the time length you want to rent the skis as well as the level of experience you currently have, altering your experience depending on how many times you’ve done it in the past.

  • Keep the Jet Ski Straight

Keeping the jet ski straight in the water is often the most difficult task for a newbie. This is easy to correct, however. Make sure you look beyond the handlebars, with your head up, and gaze into the distance. This will help you keep a straight course and enjoy your trip! Don’t forget though, to always keep an eye on how many MPH you are going. It is easy to take it pretty fast without even noticing you are. This can be crucial when you are around other jet skiers or boaters because accidents can and do easily happen.

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  • Resist the Urge to Avoid Danger By Releasing the Throttle

If you worry about colliding with something out in the water, resist the urge to lift your finger from the throttle. There is no rudder on a jet ski, means there is no brakes. Instead, keep up your speed and allow yourself to steer clear of whatever is in your way. Keeping a safe distance between you and other people in the water will make it that much safer and more enjoyable for not only you but also those around you. 

  • Relax!

First-time jet skiers often complain of soreness after their first ride. While this is normal, it is beneficial to remember to relax while on the water. Don’t hold on as if your life depends on it! Relax, keep a tight grip (but not too tight!) and enjoy yourself. Keep your elbows bent slightly. This will enable you to ride the jet ski without soreness or fatigue. Jet skis are an awesome vehicle to enjoy and have some fun out on the ocean. If you are from somewhere not near water, & don’t travel too much, it may be a long time until you get to do something like this again!

  • Don’t Stand

While it may be tempting to try driving while you are standing, don’t attempt this while you are a beginner. This is something best left up to those who have become proficient on a jet ski. 

If you and your family are ready to try the jet ski, use these tips in order to stay safe and have a fabulous time.

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